Monday, December 07, 2009

What keeps me from blogging lately:

I left the room where I was playing in the floor with the kids to go wash my hands. While I was gone I noticed it got awfully quiet so I asked "Easton, what are you doing?" He said "Sit Sis." What??? Yep. Sure enough when I got back in the room he was sitting right on top of Audrey. She wasn't unhappy or anything, just looking up at him like "Hey, what do you think you're doing?!" Little stinker! Then I said to Easton just one of the million funny things I never thought I would say. "We do not SIT on our sister!" This was followed just a few minutes later with "Easton, we do not MOW on our sister either!" He loves that noisy plastic mower but his sis sure didn't!


mandy said...

That's too funny! When it gets quiet there is usually something bad happening. I remember one time when it was quiet like that and went into the living room to see what was going on. Zebulun and sarah had gotten ahold of some cookies eric left on the table. They were in this space between our couch and one seat chair gobbling them up.

Sweet Sarah said...


Jen said...

He is the cutest thing I've seen! Love him!