Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh, man. Coming back from our trip has really thrown Miss Audrey off her sleeping schedule. Not that we had a very rigid one to begin with but once we got home? Forget it! Tonight is the second night in a row we've listened to her cry herself to sleep. Ugh! I hate it! I know she'll be fine and won't be scarred for life or anything like that but I sure do hate to listen to her cry. Must have been all that rocking and cuddling all of her well-meaning family did when we were in Oklahoma. ;) Not that I wouldn't have wanted them to do that, of course but now she doesn't want to sleep unless we're holding her. Some nights we'll get her to sleep 3 or 4 times in our arms but every single time we put her in her bed she wakes up crying. I love holding and rocking her but lordy, I can't hold her while she sleeps...I'll never get anything done!!! So I polled my mom friends and got just the answers I thought I would. All but one mom said they let them cry it out. We had already decided this is what we'd do but I was glad to hear we're not the only ones who do this. We did it with Easton and it didn't hurt him any so I guess we're OK. :)
In other news, I can't find my camera. I saw it in the car seat when I got out of the car from our Oklahoma trip so I know we got home with it. But I can't find it for anything! Our bags are all unpacked, things are (mostly) put away and still no camera. And wouldn't you know it there've been at least half a dozen times since then that I've wished I had it handy. I have to find it!!! And SOON!


Jen said...

oh no! Yes, you better find that camera! The kids grow up too quick...can't afford to lose even a day! :o)
Ps. I hope Miss Audrey figures it all out soon so mom and dad can get some peace and rest! Love ya!
Does E. just sleep right through it all?

Amy said...

Found it! Now if I could just find time to upload more picutures. :)

Yes, Easton usually sleeps through it. Thank goodness!!! I'd be pulling my hair out if not. she's getting better though. Slowly but surely.