Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OK, I really have to get off the computer and get something done today. (Other than blogging, ordering pictures for people and balancing the checkbook). But I wanted to take a second to tell you just how ridiculous I've become lately. I have a GREAT selection of kids' music Cd's and Easton and I listen to music a large portion of the day. And sometimes those songs just WILL. NOT. LEAVE. MY. BRAIN! So now I'm getting ready to do the dishes and what am I listening to? All 3 of my Sesame Street Cd's. Easton is asleep so it's not like I'm playing it for him. What a nerd!
It's not QUITE as bad as it sounds. I'm skipping over the songs sung by the Sesame Street Characters. No "La la la la Elmo's World" for me. The songs I'm listening to are sung by people like Aerosmith and Johnny Cash but's kid's music. And it's really funny when I share this ridiculousness with Jason. The other night we were both singing "Oh Jelly can you come home Can you come home, Jelly can you come?" (the chorus from James Taylor's Jelly Man Kelly). But shh! Don't tell him I told you. He'd deny it for sure!
Here it is so you can sing it for days too. It is VERY silly. Gotta love that tuba. Hehe! I also love the way the kids yell out the verse loudly and off-key as only the cutest can do. Too funny! And wow! It's James Taylor with hair.


And so that I can hopefully live down the fact that I listen to Sesame Street CD's, let me leave you with a little grownup music. Couldn't get this one to show up. I think Ragweed asked YouTube to not allow people to embed this video because it says embed feature is disabled. Sorry! I tried. Click the link to see the video
Cross Canadian Ragweed