Thursday, July 08, 2010

I have a mountain of stuff to do before our trip tomorrow. So what do I do? Of course I get on the computer. Ha ha! So this will have to be short so I can get busy but I wanted to update and post about my RAOK things I've done lately.

I've found that people seem to be doing the nice things for me instead of the other way around. :) People see that I have 2 little kids and go out of their way to be nice to me which is SO appreciated! An older gentleman saw that I was pushing Audrey in the stroller and attempting to hold Easton's hand and carry 4 boxes to be mailed and my purse and kindly offered to carry my boxes for me. He opened the door for us, carried the boxes all the way inside and talked to each of my kids for a minute. SO nice! And what a life saver that was!

So since people seem to be doing the nice things for me my list of things I've done isn't all that impressive. Or maybe it just feels weird talking about it. Like "Hey, look at this nice thing I did!" and I'm definitely not doing it for that. Just because it makes me feel good to do nice things.

Other things I've done lately:

  • gave out sparklers, glow worms, poppers and glow sticks at our neighborhood 4th of July get together.
  • mailed some goodies to 3 different places. (Can't tell more about that yet...not everyone has received their stuff yet.)
  • bought my kids "surprise ice cream" for my birthday. (Does this count if it's for my own kids and I got ice cream too? It WAS before dinner and not something I let them have very often.)
  • emailed case studies to several fellow classmates (which I'm not too sure is all that ethical now that I think of it. They were supposed to buy the cd and didn't. Oops!)
  • handed out Kohl's coupons and Kohl's cash to people waiting in line to check out at Kohl's. I won't be near a Kohl's to use them and why not help other people save money. I've been THRILLED when people do this for me! (50% off coupon when I left mine at home!)
  • held the door for people or let them into a long line of traffic at every chance I get.

And that's all for now. I find myself thinking of things I'd like to do for people but am on a limited budget so I just do small stuff that doesn't cost much. But boy if I had more money I'd be sure to share the wealth! :)

Are you joining me? I'd love to hear about it!


Carrie said...

I have found your blog through braddock street somehow..Katie perhaps. But love to read what you are up to. You always seem to be doing something productive:) In any case, I thought of you when I visited our local animal shelter and we brought some items to donate. My two boys (almost three and just turned one) loved seeing the animals!
Thanks for the blog- fun to read and inspiring:)


Amy said...

Thanks, Carrie! As you can see I don't get to update this blog nearly as often as I'd like to but I'm glad you're here. :)
It sounds like our little ones are very close to the same age. I wonder if I know them from when I worked at Braddock Street for a while? I was in the infant room until right before I had Easton in October 2007.

Jen said...

Amy, I'm so inspired by your RAOK. I wanna join in...but I honestly can't think of much I can do. I'm at home 90% of the time and I don't think I can put "cooked dinner for my family" "washed everyones laundry" "mowed the yard" "vacuumed the house" on the list.
Hmmm..guess I need to think harder. I'm sure there is something I can do to contribute (and like you..that doesn't cost money).
Ps. I was thinking of taking a trip to see you sometime during July 28-30. Would that be a good time? Could you get away for a day or half day?

Anonymous said...

I started taking my 1t son in April 2008, so we just missed you. But I thought of you the other day as I did another really easy good deed...It was raining and I was driving home from daycare of all things as I saw a woman walking along the street. I knew I couldn't pick her up (you can't do that now a days) but I pulled over and gave her my umbrella sitting on the seat next to me:) She was shocked. I loved every min of it and hope that she passed on something nice to someone else. Thanks for the contagious good feelings!
- Carrie

Amy said...

What a sweet and generous thing to do! Hearing about that made my day today. Thanks for sharing that with me!