Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, I almost forgot! Today I started my Random Acts of Kindness celebration for my birthday! I was so crazy busy that I didn't get as many things done as I would have liked but I definitely enjoyed what I did get to do!

Today I:
*Used my change ($6) at Subway to buy a gift card for someone who needed it
*Dropped off a ginormous garbage bag full of stuffed animals to Healthy Families
*Way overtipped the guy who served us dinner tonight

OK, so these things aren't gonna bring about world peace or anything like that but they were unexpected things and they made people feel good. Tomorrow should be less hectic here and I'm hoping to think of some better and more fun things to do.

Are you joining me? I'm doing 32 random (or sorta random) acts of kindness to celebrate my 32nd birthday on July 7th. If you decide to join me, I'd love to hear about it!
P.S. I am totally bummed out that Jason will be out of town for my birthday. This is totally selfish of me I know but now who's gonna bring me my cake?! Ha ha Only kidding. Well, sorta.

P.S.S. OK, I am aware that that last comment about how bummed I am that J won't be here for my birthday at the end of a post about doing good things for others seems a bit shallow and selfish. Don't judge.


Katy said...

I double dog dare you to come up to NYC for your birthday. Bring the babies.

Jen said...

not selfish. I would SOOOOOO bring you any cake in the world if I just had a ride to your house! :o)

Ahh..I'm so proud of you that you're doing the random acts thing. I wanted to do that. Is it too late?

By the way...I'm a LOUSY friend who didn't send your card in time for you to get it by tomorrow. Grr!
I love you bookoos though and I hope you have a great b-day despite not having your sweetie there with you! What I would give to celebrate our 32nd's together!!
Miss you friend...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Amy said...

Wish I could, Katy! We had such a fun time visiting you and that would be a GREAT way to spend my birthday! Instead I'll most likely be doing laundry and homework and packing for our trip on Friday.

Jen, it's not too late! I'm not gonna make the 32 things by my birthday deadline but am enjoying finding little ways to do nice things for people as often as I can. I have done more things but will have to update the blog later.

And no, you are not a lousy friend. I didn't even buy your card yet! (or make one) I really miss you!

Teresa said...

Oh...and I'd bring you a cake if I only could!!! :(

Teresa said...

Ok...I missed your birthday...argh...Happy Belated Birthday!! I LOVE the random acts of kindness!! Ever since I read that blog you told me about on FB we've decided that we're going to make it a tradition on all of our birthday's or around the birthday time. Right now we're working on Kenzie's 7 RAOK. So thank you SO MUCH for sharing that AND for the ones you've done. It DOES make the world a better place!!

Teresa said...

Oh...I just checked my mail and you need to add 4 MORE Random Acts of Kindness to your list b/c you just made the day of 4 more people with your kindness!!! Thank you so very much Amy...my kids are so thankful for the goodies you sent to them and so am I!!!! I can't wait to make a giant cupcake cake!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Amy said...

Thanks, Teresa! I'm so glad you're inspired to join me in my RAOK birthday project! And I was more than glad to send you that box of goodies. :) So happy you and your kids will enjoy it. Can't wait to hear about Kenzie's RAOKs!