Monday, June 28, 2010

Whew! I am wiped out! I got more done today than I did all weekend long. Jason had to work on his truck Saturday and Sunday so I mostly stayed inside with the kids. It was so darned hot here! I am going to roast when we go to Oklahoma! I'm praying for some cool weather while I'm there so the kids and I can get outside a little but I'm not thinking it's really gonna happen.

For anyone who doesn't know yet, YES we are FINALLY coming to Oklahoma! I'm going to miss Jason an awful lot and I know the kids will too but am very happy to have an extended time with my grandma. I've already got my recipes ready to go. She used to be the one cooking for me so now it's my time to return the favor. I sure hope she hasn't gotten rid of that exercise bike she used to have because I'm definitely gonna need it!

Today the kids and I spent all day running errands. We took the cat to the vet for her yearly shots, dropped her back off at home to relax after her stressful car ride to the vet (she throws up EVERY time! Do they make kitty Valium?!) Then we loaded back up in the car and headed to Winchester for a day of checking things off my to-do list. We took my friend Liesl her birthday present, dropped off a huge bag full of stuffed animals to be given to little ones in a local Healthy Families program, met Jason for lunch, returned something at Walmart, dropped off a birthday present to our friend T and let the kids play for a while while I visited with T's mama Amanda. (Hi, Amanda!) Then we hopped back in the car and drove home. Wouldn't ya know it...Audrey fell asleep the minute we turned into our neighborhood. The kids and I waited in the car with it running and the air turned on to keep us cool til Jason got home. He joined us for some more errands. We returned a part to the parts store and then headed to Hagerstown to exchange some clothes Audrey got as a birthday gift. We got to the outlet mall just in time for dinner, ate some junky Chinese food, returned the clothes and then hit up Kohl's because both J and I needed new shorts. Holy cow I must have tried on every single pair of shorts in that store and only found ONE pair I liked. I bought them (in a much too big to be named size) and we headed home. FINALLY! By this time the kids were WAAAYYY cranky and deliriously tired. We got the kids in bed at ELEVEN o'clock tonight! BAD, bad, bad. I am dreading tomorrow. While Jason put the kids to bed (thank you, honey!), I finished up a short and sweet homework assignment and am finally done for the day. Why do I try to make up for days when I don't get much done by cramming as many things as I can possibly do into one day's worth of running around? Man, my kids are gonna be CRANKY tomorrow! I'm hoping I am very wrong about this.


Mandy said...

About the best time to be outside in OK is after 7 p.m. That didn't stop us and we all got sunburned twice while there. The kids even had sunscreen but OK sun is no match for it! I hope you have fun on your trip!

Jen said...

OH! MY! Gosh! I am worn smooth out just READING that post!!! ha ha!
so, how'd today go? I hope it was way better than you had expected.!

Jen said...

ps. Khol's SUCKS for finding shorts! I spent almost 2 hours looking for a pair and left empty handed. I hate that store these days for clothes for me. Everything is either too young (short and tight) or too old (no whiskering or fading). BLECK!
If it makes you feel better, I've gone up at LEAST one size since last summer...and maybe 2. Double BLECK!!!