Monday, May 10, 2010

Lately I've been praying for some friends. Now that sounds really pathetic when I see it in print but it's true. I have met some wonderful friends since we've lived here but we're all just so busy with our kids, our jobs, school work, etc and I haven't really met anyone who lives close to me. Also, I'm sad to say that I don't really know very many of my neighbors all that well. Sure, I know a few of them well enough to speak to them casually at the mailbox and ask after their kids but that's about it. We've lived here for almost six years and I don't really know people on my street all that well. I'd love to know people in my neighborhood who have kids the same age as mine or interests in common with Jason and me. So, armed with my neighbor gifts and my sweet little blonde-haired boy I marched over to meet the neighbors who just moved in behind our house. And what do you know...they're newlyweds who look to be about our age (or a little younger). They invited us into their house to look around, gave me their phone number in case we needed to get ahold of them and I invited them to Audrey's birthday party later this month. Now I don't know if we'll have that much in common or be good friends or anything but it sure was nice to get to meet some new friends. Can't wait to get to hang out with our neighbors at Audrey's party on the 29th.

Next, I'm going to make up some more neighbor gifts and take them to the neighbors I don't know. They only cost me about fifty cents to make because I used materials I had on hand or that were destined for the recycling bin. People are either going to think I'm totally weird fro bringing them flowers or they're really going to like it. There are a few families down the street that have young kids. I sure hope to make some friends and get some playdates for my little ones this way. I jokingly said that I was so desperate for friends when I first started staying at home that I was tempted to go door-to-door knocking til a grownup answered just so I could have an adult to talk to. Looks like that's what I'm going to have to resort to now! haha Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! But staying in that comfort zone sure hasn't made me very many friends in my neighborhood now has it?


Jen said...

Amy, I'm so proud of you! Sometimes you have to really "go after" what you want in life..and it looks like you're doing just that! YAY! I hope you make some wonderful friends! (and friends for your kiddos too!)