Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need to go to the dentist. Like REALLY need to go to the dentist. I've had a tooth that's been bothering me off and on since February. I had my teeth cleaned in March and nothing showed up. No big deal. It really wasn't an all the time thing, just came and went every once in a while and that was something I could live with. I went to the oral surgeon because I thought it was my wisdom teeth. Nope. Thankfully, I just might skate by with not having to have my wisdom teeth out at al. Nice! But that tooth? Yeah...now it's really bothering me. Like all the time. I made a note to call my dentist on Monday (yesterday) and finally remembered at 4:45. I called and they were already closed for the day. Whoops! No big deal. I should have remembered to call earlier in the day. I called today at 8:30 when the office opened and they can see me today! Hooray! I was offered a choice of several times today and had to choose the latest one because I have no one to take care of the kids while I go. Jason will have to take off work early to meet me at the dentist. This is a really busy time for him right now because he'll be gone next week while we're on vacation. I am really wishing it wasn't so danged complicated just to get my sore tooth fixed! Now I am not at all complaining about my dentist. I love her, recommend her to people all the time and several members of her family read this blog. Heck, for all I know she might even read this blog. I don't think so but maybe. (Hi, Dr. Gibson.) I'm just griping because I'm frustrated that I have to be so far away from Oklahoma and all the people I know there who could watch my little ones in a case like this. Why does such a relatively simple thing like getting my tooth fixed have to be such a complicated ordeal?

And today is my anniversary and I have a paper to start writing tonight, 2 homework assignments to start so I can complete them and turn them in before our vacation and corn to vacuum up off of the carpet. Again.

You know, this whole post is just me venting about ridiculous stuff really. At least my house is safe and not flooded like those in Tennessee and hasn't been damaged by a tornado like those in Oklahoma. Really, what am I whining about after all?

Looking forward to vacation this weekend and then my mom coming to visit very soon. Maybe then I'll be less gripe-y. I hope so!


Jen said...

you silly girl...you can whine. We're not comparing you to anyone else. :o)
Where are you going on vacation? Sorry if you've already told us all and I missed it...