Thursday, March 04, 2010

As usual, I'm taking time to blog when I havent' had a shower, the house is a wreck and I have homework due. I'll try to make it short 'cause I've gotta GET BUSY!

Jason and I have been trying to get a workout in each day. I say trying because just as I decide to quit being lazy and get back to working out and eating right I hurt my shoulder. Not exactly sure how but I do know it hurts like crazy. Probably from trying to hold a wildly thrashing two year old with one hand while trying to change his diaper. Or carrying both kids at the same time. That's FIFTY pounds of wiggling little kiddos! Anyway, I am going to get off of here and attempt at least one Ten Minute Trainer workout. As long as I don't have to do anything that hurts my shoulder I should be ok. And if the kids cooperate. We have been running with the Wii lately. That feels pretty good. First I did 4 miles, then 4.5 and last night I did FIVE MILES! I have never been a runner so five blocks is an accomplishment for me, much less 5 miles in 30 minutes. Well, OK technically it was 4.98 miles but that is close enough for me! Will keep trying to work out when we can. So far I've run every day since Monday. That sounds so much better than saying "I've only run 3 days in a row"! I'm going to try to log how many miles I run. I'm interested to see how many miles I run this year.

The downside to all this working out is I am EXHAUSTED! We've tried various tricks and times to workout other than after the kids are in bed but nothing else seems to work. We go for our run with the Wii and then by the time we cool down and shower and get to bed it is usually around midnight. Lately E's been getting up bright and early so it's getting harder and harder for me to get up in the mornings. I love the way I feel when I work out but am going to get sick and burnt out if I don't figure out a way to get more sleep. I sure wish I could find a babysitter for an hour or so every day so I could get my exercise and shower in and not be interrupted. I've considered finding a gym with childcare but that is not in the budget and I know we would eventually get tired of the hassle of loading everyone up in the car just to go somewhere for an hour.

I'm tired. Tired of being tired. Tired of being overweight and tired of griping about how I can't find time to exercise. When I MAKE time, then I end up exhausted because the only time that works is late at night. I am discouraged but will keep trying. At least I'm eating somewhat healthy. Most of the time.

Time to get off of here and get busy. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it!


Jen said...

aw Amy! I hate this. I wish I had "the" answer for you...but for now...just keep doing your best and don't let guilt creep in AT ALL. You are first and foremost a wife and mommy right now..your rockhard bikini body can wait if it has to. Later when you look back, you'll be much happier you were the mommy you wanted to be...than a grouchy, tired, no-fun mommy with a super hot body! I promise!
Love Love Love you!!