Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a whirlwind the last few months have been! You are growing up so quickly and you continue to amaze me with the things you say. Sometimes they're funny, like when you said your "eyes stuffy" (I think you meant sleepy???) and sometimes they're sweet "share you mama" (share with you) but they're always amazing and smart. You don't miss a thing these days. You love to look for a crescent moon every time you're outside or looking out the window. You love helping me with laundry (longy) and love to eat your sis's baby food. Heck, I'm certainly not going to tell you no on that one! Squash? Sure you can have some! You continue to love most veggies except you HATE green beans. Even succotash gets gobbled up and you usually ask for more. Sure thing, sweet pea! One of your favorite words right now is mayonnaise. I have no idea why but it sends you into fits of giggles every time you say it. Somehow it's not nearly so funny when Mama or Daddy says it though. You had a great time over Christmas when your cousins and Aunt Leslie and Uncle Terry and McKayla came to visit. You still ask for "Lexa" a lot. I wish we lived closer to them so you could play together more often! Maybe someday. One of my favorite things is when you say "Hi, sis!" You say it with such a drawl that it sounds like "Ha seeee-us!" It is too cute! You love Thomas the Train and the Wonder Pets and sometimes still love Elmo. Your bears are still your favorite buddies and sometimes your giant monkey too. Most of the time you refuse to ride in the shopping cart at the store although after this last trip to the grocery store when you ran off laughing down the aisle, you will no longer have a choice in the matter. Sorry dude. We'll try again in a few months, ok? You are still fascinated with cars and trucks and really vehicles of all kinds. Today I took down your jungle decals in your room and put up ones of cars, planes, trucks and trains. You love to count them (1,4,5,6, 7, 10 YAY!) and greet each one by name. "Hello red car. Hello yellow truck. Hello Thomas."
I love you, my sweetie boy, my lovie, my Toodles!

I originally was not going to post this first picture but couldn't help myself. Sorry, babe!


Jen said...

I'm giggling. Not exactly sure why...but after reading that all about E. I just want to giggle! What a sweetie pie he is! (and a little turkey sometimes (like in Walmart!)

mandy said...

Aww...booty pictures are always the cutest:)