Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My sweet little angel baby. You are such a pleasant, happy girl! Even yesterday after your 6 month check up (over a month late due to snowy weather), you got 6 shots and were hardly fussy at all. I could tell you weren't feeling well because you woke up at 1am with a fever but even then you fussed for a bit, had a bottle, a new diaper and some Motrin and then went back to sleep til 8:30. You are eating every type of stage 1 baby food they make now and still hate rice cereal. We'll try oatmeal with bananas or some other fruit and see how you like it then. You are learning to sit up. You have abs I am very jealous of because you try to sit up all the time on your own. You still tolerate your brother poking you and pushing you in the swing or bouncy seat pretty well. You love to blow raspberries and play with your brothers cars or your Audrie doll. (She was already named that when she came home with you from the store.)
Thank you for being my little angel, my sunshine, my Tootsie!


Jen said...

I wish I could be around her more! She sounds like such a joy! Wish there were pictures with the post...! :o)

Amy said...

Better? :)

mandy said...

She looks like a very happy baby! Mine had that little bald spot on the back of their heads too:)

Teresa said...

OMG...she's so cute!! I remember Ella in that stage where every smile/picture was a wide open happy mouth!! I love it!!