Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We already have our Christmas lights up. Yes. My neighbors are probably REALLY annoyed by the brightness that emanates from our house but I love my lights. I think we might be the only house on our street with lights up this early and turned on this early too. We only have lights on our front porch though because we have way too much stuff do to before our big trip on FRIDAY (!!!) to do the whole house. But even if what we have up now is all we get up, at least we have Christmas lights up this year. And an animatronic reindeer. We got the reindeer as a gift and while I don't have anything at all against people who put fake reindeer in their yards, we probably wouldn't have purchased this reindeer for ourselves. We're much more a simple, lights only family I guess. But I was shopping with the kids in Target and I took them past the Christmas display. (Only a day after Halloween, hello! Aren't we rushing things a bit?) And Easton saw the reindeer on display. You should have heard my boy! The utter joy in his voice when he said "Oh MY! Mama, looka dis!" was enough to make me want to purchase ten of those suckers right there on the spot. But we already had one so I didn't have to. So we have our Christmas lights up on our porch. Just simple (VERY BRIGHT) white lights and a white reindeer. Oh, how my boy loves that light-up reindeer. I'll have to take his picture after dark beside the reindeer. He asks to go see it every night and cries when we come inside, no matter how cold it is outside or how long we've been out looking at the lights. I think my boy needs Christmas lights in his room. Not the reindeer maybe but definitely some kind of Christmas lights as a nightlight. What do you think?


Jen said...

I totally think you should put the reindeer in there for his nightlight all year long! That is soooooo cute! I can't WAIT to see them!