Monday, November 09, 2009

FINALLY! The CraftyLilDevil's been at it again. Sometimes staying up til 2 am to finish projects is the only way I can get them done but I've FINALLY got some things crossed off my craft "to-do" list! Here are some pictures of projects I've done and/or cheap games for my kids. They really do have TONS of storebought gifts and things that they love but I enjoy trying to make things for them too. And sometimes the things that have been the biggest hits are the cheapest!

Easton's fleecy Bedlam blanket and 2 pillows. Go Pokes! Stacking game. Just a simple paper towel holder from dollar general and some links we had already. E loves stacking these and will do it over and over. Cost for this project: $1
Audrey's new bib. This pic makes the opening look really crooked but it's not. Cost: $1.25
Dyed noodles and shoestring for stringing. Cost: $1
Beanbags. Cost: $1.69 for beans

Watch for more projects coming soon!


Katy said...

I love the blanket. Its unique and will always remind him of mom and dad!

Jen said...

Sooooo crafty! Love it all Amy!