Tuesday, November 03, 2009

from 11-1-09

Tonight we had chicken, broccoli/carrots/cauliflower mix and rice. You wanted only rice for dinner and also wanted Mama and Daddy to feed every bite to you. Funny boy! For dessert (after you ate some of ALL of your dinner, not just rice!), we had Pumpkin Spice pudding with Cool Whip and Vanilla Wafers. You loved it and call it "pugging".
Other funny words you say:
kruk - truck
fee - tree
cry - try
griving - driving
tit - tent
wallet - Walmart (probably because every time we go to Walmart I have to get out my wallet!)
You have such a huge vocabulary! Today you very plainly asked me "What's that noise, Mama?" You also have a very musical way of talking, which I never get tired of hearing. You are mostly sweet to your sister. Today I saw you very gently lift up a corner of her bib to wipe her mouth with it and it was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. Then you promptly smacked her over the head when I wasn't paying you enough attention. Hopefully you learn very quickly that you'll definitely get attention for that alright, just not the kind you had hoped for. (TIME OUT!)
I love you, my funny boy. Can't wait to see what funny things you'll say or do tomorrow!


Jen said...

I would soooo love to be closer to you guys so I could be a part of his life and experience this cute stage with you!
He sounds like such JOY!

Amy said...

He is very funny. If you were around, you would be made to wear lots of hats. Right now I'm wearing a Burger King crown because E insisted on it. "Wear hat, Mama!" Earlier today I was wearing a red plastic fireman hat. Good thing I'm not on a reality tv show because the reality is that my life is not always glamorous but it sure is fun!