Monday, November 02, 2009

from 10-31-09

You are a joy to my heart, my child. OK so I don't really talk that way. My mama gave me a plaque with this saying on it for Christmas one year and it now hangs in your room above your changing table. But it's so true!!! As I write this, you are 5 months and 3 days old. Today was Halloween and we dressed you up in your cousin Addy's Tootsie Roll costume. It was cold and sprinkling rain so you were nice in toasty in the fleece outfit as we walked along the street pushing you in your stroller.

You tried rice cereal for the first time today. You thought it was really gross. I don't blame you. It's really stinky stuff. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow with formula instead of water. Or maybe we'll try oatmeal instead. It was some pretty yucky smelling stuff. Sorry.

You are working very hard on learning to sit up. We let you sit in the family horse collar and you really seem to love it. Remind me to tell you that story another time. It's late and I am sleepy. Your daddy is snoring loudly and I'm thinking I may have to come sleep in your room on the guest bed where it is nice and quiet.
I love you, my little Tootsie!
Love, Mama


Jen said...

Amy, you were tired while typing this-I can tell. :o) I saw "rollled" and "changing able". SOO cute coming from you who NEVER EVER EVER makes a spelling or grammar mistake. And I hope you don't mind that I pointed it out because it only means that I love you sooooo much and I read and savor every word you write! :o)

Audrey...I can't believe I haven't met her yet. I will definitely carve time out for you when you come to OK no matter what. I am a part of that girl's history and she needs to know me! :o)

Love you!

Amy said...

Yes, I was VERY tired when I was posting this. It seems the only time I can post is after everyone goes to bed. As I type this there is a very wiggly two year old throwing a fit on my lap because I won't let him push buttons and a fussy baby playing on a blanket on the floor beside me.