Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween fun

Easton was a fireman this year and Audrey was a Tootsie Roll. (Thanks to Aunt Leslie for sending us the outfit!!) It was cool and sprinkling rain on Halloween night. It's a good thing Easton's "costume" was a rain jacket that looks like a fireman's uniform! All I had to add was a $4 fireman hat from Walmart and he was set. And Audrey borrowed cousin Addy's outfit from last year's Halloween and we were all set. We didn't have spooky Halloween food this time. Well, we had spaghetti and meatballs and I'm sure I could have said it was something gross like monster guts but I don't think Easton would have eat it if I did that. So we ate dinner, got the kids ready and sat around and waited. I guess everyone in our neighborhood decided to wait til dark but I was hoping they would start early so the kids wouldn't be out so late. We finally saw the first trick-or-treaters and headed out. Easton did not want to ride in the stroller or be carried at all so he walked quite a bit for a little guy. He had fun and we had fun watching him. He (of course) wanted to eat every piece of candy he got that night. He kept saying "More can-ee, more can-ee!" Thankfully he walked so much that he burnt off all that sugar in no time and went to bed as soon as we got home with no complaints. Audrey snoozed for a while until it started sprinkling and woke her up. Then she didn't want to sleep when we got home so we were up for quite a while. Little stinker!
Hope ya'll had a Happy Halloween! I know we sure did!

Oops! Caught him w/his eyes closed! But I still love this picture.

Easton loved his hat!

I think he said Trick or Treat pretty much at all of the houses at first. And Thank You too! Then he got tired and just held out his bucket waiting for candy.

Augie-pie in her Tootsie Roll costume. Good thing it was warm!

Looks to me like Audrey is looking to her brother to figure out just what the heck is going on here. Why are we all dressed up in these outfits and out WAAY past our bedtime?!


Jen said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAdorable!!! Cutest trick-or-treaters I've seen this year!