Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boy, it is really feeling more like WINTER than Fall here lately! I'm glad I get to wear my red wool coat but not at all glad that it's cold. That makes no sense but I do love that red coat. :) I'm freezing. We're supposed to get our first freeze tonight. Down to around 31!!! Holy cow, that's cold! My hands are like icicles as I'm trying to type this. I think I need some hot tea and a warm bath to warm up.

In other news, it's apple butter time around here. I've already made (and blogged about????) one batch of apple butter. I'm proud I (mostly) got over my fear of canning. All that hot water and glass and boiling apple butter...yikes!!! But I did it and it turned out great so I'm going to get together with two of my friends and make about a bushel's worth of apples into apple buttter. Should be an all day deal but I'm really looking forward to it.

I got an A in my Nutrition for Education class. I got the maximum amount of points on my final Power Poing presentation and got a 99% in the class! Do I wish I'd gotten that one extra point so I could have had 100? Heck, no! I was just thrilled to get what I did! Only 10 more classes to go til graduation!!! Hmmm...maybe I could get a new car for graduation! Our Malibu will be paid off around then and we DO need a bigger car now that we've got 2 little ones. What do you say, honey? :)

Today Easton decided to take the straw out of a cup of water he was drinking out of and play with it. He ended up scratching his eye with the straw. Now it's really red and irritated and he keeps blinking his eyes and rubbing at it. I'm easily grossed out about eye things because of all the gross eye stuff I've been through so I could barely look at it without feeling like I was gonna throw up. Poor baby! Audrey's got a check up tomorrow and I might call ahead and ask if the doctor can take a look at E's eye just to be safe.

Audrey's getting shots tomorrow. I HATE taking my kids to get shots!!! I made Jason go with me and hold Easton down one time just to see how awful it is. Not very nice of me I know but should I get to have all the fun? He was coming with me to the appointment already anyways so I just thought I'd share. You're welcome, honey. Now he knows why I am all teary-eyed when I come home from the doctor's appointments. Ugh! I hate that!

Today we did about 5 loads of laundry. Who knew it could take so stinkin long to fold a load of kid's clothes?!?!

That's about it for us. Nothing too exciting. Gotta get off of here and make some tea. I'm FREEZING!!!

(Santa, if you read my blog I could sure use some soft, fuzzy socks and a new pair of warm houseshoes, OK? All my fuzzy socks are really getting worn out and I had to trash my slippers because I'd worn a hole right through the bottom of both of them. Thanks! P.S. Sorry I didn't keep my house as clean as I wanted to but I'm sure with all those elves you understand, right?)


Jen said...

Hey Amy!
Canning huhg? I thought about trying my hand at that this summer when we had peppers and tomatos out the wazoo in our garden. sounded way too complicated for me (and time consuming) so I just took bag-fulls of them to the gym every so often and handed them out. Of course, now that everything has died (in the garden) it sure would be nice to pop open a jar of homeade salsa....oh well! Maybe when life slows down some. (ha ha)
Poor E. with his eye! I hope it heals easily and quickly.
Poor A. with her shots. I know what you mean. My mom usually went with me when the kids were little too. I can't stand the look in their eyes...they are SO trusting and they expect us to protect them...and then we take them somewhere and hold them down while someones stabs at them with a needle?????????? just sounds cruel. (probably also why I have a hard time with spankings when I'm not mad anymore either!)

Santa BETTER come through for you with those socks and slippers! Those things are NOT luxury items...they are NECESSITIES! As a matter of fact....I really think you need that stuff WAYYY before Christmas. We have 2 full months of coldness to go!

Amy said...

The canning was a lot of work but it was fun. I'm really looking forward to doing some more this weekend (maybe) with a couple of girls I know.

And I'm with ya on the BEFORE Christmas idea! My toes are like popcicles! :) Payday can't get here quick enough!!!