Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny things Easton says right now:
(Some are just cute mispronunciations and some we have no idea where they came from)
Excuse me - bee bee ???
Naughty - nonny
Truck - kuck
String cheese - kee kees
Table - tavel
Bath - baff
Spicy - fycee
Juice - tooce
Farkle - fockul (Facebook game w/dice)
Muffin - muffeem
Yogurt - logurt
Milk - nyuk
Spoon - foom
Pocket - pockick


Jen said...

Absolutely Adorable!
I had to dig Grant's baby book out the other day to check on his immunization record and when I did a little slip of scrap-paper fell out. It said "Things you say at 20 months" and it was a whole list of things I had written down--sort of like your list. I just sat there reading it with this HUGE smile on my face and a teardrop in the corners of my eyes. Sweet, sweet memories!

Amy said...

I am trying very hard to write down all of these funny things. They're just so cute!