Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You turned 4 months old yesterday and it seems like I can barely remember a time when you were not in our lives. You are almost always a very happy girl. You wake up smiling and talking and cooing most mornings and that is such a breath of fresh air in the mornings! You rolled over for the first time on Saturday. You were having some tummy time in the living room floor and just rolled over all of a sudden. I think it kinda freaked you out at first but you did it! Now you spend all your tummy time trying to roll over again and get very frustrated when you can't. You love playing peekaboo and This Little Piggy and watching your brother. You seem to always have some type of fabric in your hand or in your mouth. You hang onto the clothes of whoever is holding you like you're holding on for dear life. If no one is holding you, you grab a handfull of your own clothing or your bib or your satiny blanket from Nana or the crinkly taggy toy Mama made for you. It has been a joy to watch you over the past 4 months. You bring so much happiness into our lives!
Love you!


Jen said...

I know it's cliche and everyone probably says this....but WOW! How can she be 4 months already!?

I've hardly seen her!

It sounds like your family is having some good times!

Amy said...

It sure goes quickly! Of course I knew it would be crazy with two little ones under two but some days I barely have time to breathe! It's great though and I'm trying to soak it all up while I can. Especially since they're only this little once. I tell myself that every day so that I remember to give their kissable little cheeks a little more attention. :)