Saturday, September 26, 2009

Easton is getting funnier and funnier every day. He has such an imagination! This week he told me "Bear tooted". Where in the world does he get this stuff? Lately everything he hears is "noisy" or "loud", even if it's not. And last night while I was drying him after his bath and getting him into his pajamas he had this conversation with his bear:

Hi Bear.
How 'doing Bear?
Sleepy Bear?
Dark Bear.
Don't pee Bear!
Get you Bear!
Love you Bear.

I love hearing him talk more and can't wait to see what he'll come up with next.
We're getting ready to re-do his room for his birthday. Easton really doesn't need anything at all for his birthday but if anyone would like to get him something for his new big boy room (toddler bed instead of crib), we created a list on Just go to, click Registries + Lists at the top and search for Easton's name.


Jen said...

Okay, I'm fairly certain E. just wrote his first book.

That is the perfect story line for a board book!

Amy said...

Great idea! I think I'll take some pictures of E and his bear and make a photo book for him. I'm quite addicted to making them lately.