Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 weeks? TWO WEEKS?! Has it really been an entire two weeks since my last post? All I can say is these past few weeks have flown by in a blur of bottles, laundry, cleaning and more cleaning. Who knew that the addition of one teeny, tiny little person would make a MOUNTAIN of laundry the likes of which our house has never seen before. Holy cow, I've done a lot of laundry!

Now on with the pictures and recap of Audrey's big debut.

Audrey in the NICU

Audrey spent two and a half days in the NICU. It was a tense and scary time for all of us while the doctors monitored her breathing. Thankfully, the pneumothorax healed quickly and she was finally taken off the oxygen. She even got to spend one night in my room at the hospital. FINALLY! Now I remember...THIS is how this is supposed to go! We were up often that night but I didn't care. I was just so grateful to finally have my sweet baby with me where she belongs.

Mama and Audrey

Easton seems excited about Audrey (he calls her Auga, Augie, Sis or Sissy). He does have times where he isn't quite sure what to think and gets a little jealous but mostly he thinks she's pretty neat.

Easton points to Audrey and says "sis".

Audrey and I are finally released on the third day in the hospital. I'm so happy she gets to come home with us! After the stay in the NICU, we weren't sure if that would happen or not. Thankfully, she is given a clean bill of health and her neonatologist releases her just in time to go home with me.

Waiting to go home

My sweet girl

Jason and Audrey getting ready for the ride home

Easton and Sis in the back seat.

This would prove to be an eventful first car ride together. Easton kicked Audrey's car seat the entire 20 minute ride home. Oh boy! The craziness has already begun.

Home Sweet Home

My mom and Easton decorated our house to welcome us home. What a beautiful place to come home to! :) Thanks, Mom!

Finally! It's is so nice to be home! All four of us at home where we belong.

And the dryer just buzzed. Gotta fold laundry while the kids are asleep. To be continued...


Anonymous said...

We'll Jason and I have had many discussions about Sis or Sissy. I suspect someday Audrey will call Easton Bubba or Bubbie and then we will come full circle. It drove Jason nuts when I called him Bubba or Bubbie. He would say I'm going to call you sissy. I would reply that I didn't care.

The picture of Easton trying to hold Audrey's hand reminds me of Alexa and Addy. She has to hold Addy's hand all the time. However, Addy has developed her own personality and at times doesn't want to hold hands. It creates a big fuss but it funny so watch.

Megan Monique Harner said...

She is adorable! Congrats!

Jen said...

Yes Amy, she is just beautiful. I hope she's holding her dinner down better these days! You are such a natural momma! I wish I could come wisk you away for an afternoon for some girl time!