Monday, June 15, 2009

I have been staring at my blank "create post" screen, watching the cursor just blink and blink waiting for me to start typing and wondering where in the world do I start typing all that has gone on in the last 18 days. Guess I'll try to start at the beginning and see how far I get before one of my little sweeties needs their mama. I predict it won't be long.

Thursday, May 28th. We got up early and I double-checked my bags and added some last minute things. Mom took a few last minute pictures so we could remember this day.

Look at that belly!

The Edgar family - before we met Audrey

Checking in at labor and delivery

Giving Easton a kiss before surgery. He looks so serious here! Like he knows his world is about to be turned upside down.

Daddy and Easton look in the nursery window to meet the newest member of our family.

Audrey getting measured.

After she'd been measured and weighed in the nursery, doctors listened to her lungs and discovered a pneumothorax. (Air between the lungs and the chest wall.) This meant she'd have to go straight to the NICU.

My first glimpse of my sweet baby girl, Audrey. In the NICU under the oxygen tent. This was such a surreal time for us all. It was hard to believe I'd really actually just had a baby since I couldn't hold her right away. I knew she was being well taken care of though and wanted her to be in the NICU where she could receive the extra special attention she needed.

I finally get to hold Audrey 21 hours after she was born.

Audrey Grace Edgar

Proud Daddy gets to hold Audrey

More as soon as I can find time. I promise I'll have lots more pictures then too. Gotta go for now. My babies need me. :)


Jen said...

I feel blessed to have been let in on this whole little sequence of events! You have a beautiful family Amy! What a lovely example of "mother" you are!

mandy said...

She is beautiful!! I can imagine that it was hard to have to wait so long to hold her. Is she ok now? Thanks for posting some pics...I know life is so hectic with 2 little ones.