Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring cleaning again at the Crafty house. Jason and I spent all day yesterday cleaning out our filing cabinet. We shredded a HUGE pile of old bills and papers. It felt good to get that done but it wasn't on our "to-do" list for the weekend. Thankfully, most of my to-dos are done and the few that aren't are easy. Well, with the exception of one of them. I STILL haven't got the closet cleaned out in the nursery yet. Who knows if I'll get around to that before Miss Audrey gets here or not.

Yesterday and today I've been taking it easy. I start having contractions if I do so much as get up off the couch so mostly I've just been sitting around all the time. It' s boring and I'm already tired of it but if it will help keep Audrey from being born before my mom gets here, I'm sure gonna do it! :)

Easton is having a hard time understanding why we can't go "mimming" or why we can't go for a walk. Besides the fact that I'm pretty much confined to the couch (or bed), it's been raining off and on for days. I think a large part of the country is with me when I say I wish the rain would go away and we could finally see some SUN!!!

That's about it for us here. Nothing too exciting. Just waiting on the 28th to get here so we can finally have this baby. This has been the longest nine months of my life!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. We usually have a party here and invite a bunch of our friends. I make chicken for quesadillas and provide all the toppings so people can make their own quesadilla. We also make a few pitchers of our Blue Moon Margaritas and get a case of the "Beers of Mexico" from Costco. It's a pretty fun party and I'm sad this year that we'll have to pass but it's just too much work this year! We're meeting up with some friends at a Mexican restaurant instead. Let someone else do all the hard work. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a margarita for me, will you?


mandy said...

I am tired of the rain too! Oh well, we'll probably be wishing for it in the summer time. I know it's pretty frustrating to be on bedrest. I had to do that the last 2 months with my twins. Although, Eric had to work until 8:00 p.m. 4 days a week at that time, it's a bit hard to do when you have another child. I would wheel around on a cheap little computer chair when I cooked dinner. At least you are in your last month so she will be healthy if she does come early:)

Jen said...

Hang in there...walking with a margarata in hand is not too far off for you! Let's see....when Audrey is 1 and toddling and E is 2 1/2 and getting into'll be doing lots of this! ha ha ha
Love you!