Friday, May 08, 2009

Hmm...guess I shouldn't post an "I almost had the baby" post and then leave it up for a while with no more posts following. Sorry! Nope, Miss Audrey is still where she should mama's humongous belly. I've been taking it easy and just hanging out with Easton the past few days. We did go out to dinner for Cinco de Mayo with some friends. That was fun.

I also went to Walmart and bought a bunch of groceries to stock up our pantry before the big event. That was not so fun but at least I got another thing crossed off our "to do" list. And at least all that walking around didn't earn me another trip to the emergency room. :) I had a checkup Tuesday and my doctor didn't seem the least bit concerned about my ER visit. She said "Well, you're here today so I guess things went ok." Yep. Looks that way, huh?

It finally quit raining! Hooray! I am SO tired of rainy days! Easton loved it though. He liked telling everyone at the store yesterday "rain, rain". It was pretty cute. I love taking him shopping (most of the time). He says "HI!" to every person we pass and it really surprises people and makes them smile. I love that.

Easton's teething again. Working on two top teeth and possibly some on the bottom. That makes for a cranky baby and mama too. He doesn't sleep well but at least he usually doesn't run much of a fever. I don't sleep well at this late stage of my pregnancy so when you combine the two, that makes me REALLY cranky! I do take lots of naps though, which is nice. I am really taking advantage of that while I can!

And that's about it for us. Just waiting til the big day and taking it as easy as possible.