Friday, April 17, 2009

The weather is gorgeous today and Easton was less cranky so we decided to try out his new harness/leash. (It feels so mean to call it a leash but that's kind of what it is I guess.) He LOVED it! We walked all the way down to the end of our street and back which is a long way for a little guy! He really liked being able to explore the "wass" (grass) by himself and pick up rocks he found. I liked that too until he decided to see what the rocks tasted like. Good thing I was paying attention! No more rocks, Easton! GROSS! :)

I guess he was worn out after all that walking because I tried feeding him lunch right after we got back and he took two bites and he was done. Nap time!
We will definitely be taking more walks with his backpack. It's great for me too because it's a handy place for me to put my cell phone and keys instead of weighing down my pockets.

If anyone is interested, the backpack we got is called the SafeFit Grow-with-Me Backpack with Harness. We got it at ToysRus for $14.99. I'd say it was worth every penny. When he gets bigger and no longer needs the "tether" (leash), we can unhook it and it's just a regular backpack. Pretty cool.


Jen said...

VERY cool! (and way cuter than the ones without a backpack). The backpack makes it seem less "leashy". He is such a cutie! I can't believe he is walking so well and getting so big! He doesn't look like a "baby" he looks like a little boy! Good thing Miss is on the way....:)