Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today my sweet hubby said those three magical words to me. The ones I most want to hear on a rainy Saturday morning. He said "Want Cracker Barrel?" Yes, oh yes I do! I love to cook but there's something luxurious and lazy about not having to cook breakfast that just puts me in a great mood. Plus, I love their fried apples. Supposedly I ordered them for Easton but to be honest I knew darned well he couldn't eat all of them. YUM!

Now Easton's down for a nap, Jason is out working in the garage and I am killing time on the computer til my hair appointment at 12:30. Too bad the Easter egg hunt we had planned to go to got rained out today. Oh well...we'll hide eggs for our little Easton bunny tomorrow. I'll be sure to get some pictures. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!