Thursday, April 09, 2009

Whew! What a day! Well, two days actually. Yesterday and today I have literally shopped til I dropped looking for stuff for our sweet little girl's room and for Jason for his birthday. We got a little unexpected money and decided to spend it. We normally are in save, save, save mode so this was a rare treat.
Yesterday I went to:

  • The bank - important first stop if I'm gonna be doing any shopping
  • Lowe's - to check the price of garage door opener systems. I didn't buy one there but I did buy Easton a rug with a town and roads on it so he can practice making car noises with his daddy.
  • Target #1 - to check to see if they had the curtains I wanted for the baby's room. They didn't.
  • Walmart - I found some good deals on clearance though. Some bins for the organizer shelf we bought for baby 2's room.
  • Bath and Body Works - to use some coupons I had.
  • Chick-fil-a - LUNCH!!
  • Gymboree - to see if I could find any good deals on clothes for my kiddos. I bought E one pair of pants.
  • Motherhood Maternity - fun fun. Bought two nursing bras. Super exciting, huh?
  • Sears - bought a garage door opener with 2 year parts plan and installation.

And that was just yesterday! Today I went to:

  • Kohl's - looking for a bedspread to put on the guest bed in baby 2's room. I found a super cute one that hopefully Miss 2 will like when she gets bigger and can use as her "big girl bed". On sale. Plus 15% off. I love that place! I also got some earrings to replace the ones my dad bought me for Christmas last year. (I lost one and was REALLY upset because I LOVED those earrings.) They're going to be from Easton for Mother's Day so I'll pretend I'm surprised. :)
  • Sears - to return the garage door opener. There wasn't anything wrong with it at all but we got it home and decided we should wait til around Father's Day to see if they go on sale. For his birthday, we're paying to have his '69 Camaro hauled here from Perry...FINALLY!
  • Gymboree - to return the pants I bought in the wrong size yesterday. Grr!! I hate when I do that! I just flat wasn't paying attention and grabbed 12-18 months instead of 2T. Thankfully, the return was no big deal.
  • Panera Bread - LUNCH!!! I usually go somewhere cheap and that is certainly NOT Panera but I decided to treat myself today and man I was glad I did! Delicious!
  • Michael's - to use a 40% off coupon I had to get a picture frame for the baby's room. And some sheets of colored foam. I'm going to attempt to make a mobile to hang above the crib but we'll see how that goes.
  • Target #2 - to see if they had the curtains I need. Nope. But they did have a double stroller. I said forget it to trying to find one that will work with our current car seat and just went ahead and bought the stroller and a new infant carseat. Hooray! Finally the stroller fiasco is FINISHED!!! I also bought a rug, some art, some mirrors, a lamp and a piggy bank for little 2's room. I went a little over our budget but boy that room is CUTE!!! And it is just as "done" as Easton's room is and that is what I was trying to do. I didn't want any hard feelings once little Miss 2 gets old enough to compare bedrooms. E's room was totally decked out and done up so it was only fair that we do the same for her. And it was F-U-N! This is also where a very rude woman in the Easter basket aisle took one look at my big belly and one look at cute little Easton and said "yeah. Good luck with that! We spaced ours out and they're still a hand full." What the heck? Lady, mind your own business! HOW RUDE!!!

Now I'm exhausted but I'm looking forward to getting all of the new bedding washed and put in the room and all the new things put away. Now I say "let's be done!"

P.S. Pictures as soon as everything is put together. Should be soon...I hope!

P.P.S. And HOW could I forget?! Easton had his first haircut today! He didn't need a cut all over but just in back. Yep. Mean mama cut off all his adorable little curls. I loved those curls. But they kept getting caught in his bib when we weren't careful enough and Easton really hated that. So I did him a favor and took him in for a trim. Ms. Angie at Family Cuts in the mall did a great job. I took pictures but after that all-day-shopping marathon I'm too tired to get up and find my camera. Check back by Sunday and hopefully I will have them here.

Sniff, sniff! My baby got his first haircut today! Guess that means he's officially a big boy. Man, oh man...the time sure flies!


mandy said...

Shopping is ALWAYS so fun! I love shopping for little girl stuff. There is so much cute stuff for them sometimes it's hard to decide what to get:) I don't want to wish time to hurry up or anything, but I look forward to the day when Sarah and I can have mother- daughter shop til we drop trips. Tyler hates shopping with me because he says I take too long, so he is a typical male. And that one woman was rude to say that to you!

Anonymous said...

I would be more than happy to drive the camaro up there for Jason! Free of charge of course!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and E had an exhaustingly terrific time. Can't wait to see all the pics. Especially of little man and his new 'do. and baby 2's room! Love, Mom