Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures of E's new shorter 'do.



Ms. Angie from Family Hair and Easton:

You can't tell much of a change from these pictures. All she did was trim the very back of his hair. At least now we won't accidentally get his curls caught in his bib when we're fastening it. :)

(Sorry, Nanny! I know you loved those curls and wanted to see them in person!)


Jen said...

Awww...I love baby curls too...but I understand about needing the cut. I let grant's go for so long people were starting to call him a it was time to get it cut. (sniff, sniff!)
Did you save a lock?

Amy said...

I did save some. And I printed up these pictures to take to Ms. Angie at the mall. She said this was the first time anyone has asked to have their picture made with her after their child's first haircut. And it was only her 2nd day at this salon so I thought it would be a fun thing for her to have a reminder of this day.
She cut my hair (just a trim...nothing special) 2 days later and she told me that she was so flattered that I took her picture that she told her family about it at dinner time. :)