Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pictures:

Daddy and Easton find the first egg

Hey, mom! Look what I found!

He really loved putting them all in his basket.

Mama and Easton spot another egg.

Daddy helps Easton see what the Easter bunny brought.

We had a fun, relaxed kind of day. Easton got a card and $10 in the mail from Nanny and Papaw Kyle, a cool cow figurine and a book from Nana and an ABC book, a bath book and some Elmo socks from the Easter bunny. He really had a fun time with those eggs and spent quite a bit of time opening them all up. Too bad the Easter bunny didn't put anything in them though! Maybe next year.


Jen said...

WHAT? Nothing in the eggs? That Easter Bunny needs a good spanking!! :o) he he he
Cute pics. Amy you look adorable. Not fat by ANY MEANS...just cutely pregnant!

Amy said...

Thanks! I should have at least fixed my hair for the egg hunt but I wasn't planning on being in any of the pictures. :)