Monday, April 13, 2009

Photos of Baby 2's room.


Finally finished! Now all we've got to do is get the crib mattress from Jason's work, get some curtains to replace the tan temporary ones we put up in these pictures and we're done! Woohoo! Boy, that feels good!


Jen said...

Wow! What a makeover! I LOVE the dots...but then you know me and my dots. Where's the stripes for you? hee hee
What is the little crib thing next to the big crib? Bassinet or maybe a changing table?

Amy said...

It's a changing table. And I did have to put one thing w/stripes on it in this room but somehow it's not in the picture. It's a rug in all the same colors as the bedspread. I couldn't resist throwing in some stripes somewhere.

Anonymous said...

You guys did a VERY good job! Both the new baby and Ethan's rooms are so cute, those interior design classes you took did pay off! So when are we going to hear what the new little one's name is going to be?

Amy said...

Just as soon as we decide on one. This little girl sure does have a cool we've just got to find her a name we all like. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a post on the contenders. If Easton will let me that is. :)