Thursday, April 16, 2009

FINALLY! The sun's out after two days straight of nothing but rain. I think I might have to take Easton for a walk after he wakes up from his nap to celebrate the good weather. We got him a backpack/harness/leash thing so that he can walk without having to hold onto mom or dad's hand. We'll see how that goes. I'm interested to see if he actually walks with it on or if it annoys him to the point of having to put him in the stroller. I'll let ya know.


Jen said...

I always wanted one of those harness-leash things for my kids but never did see them for sale anywhere. It seems like such a great way to let them have their independence and you still get to keep their saftey under control.
I'm interested in seeing how he likes or doesn't like it!
Hopefully BOTH of you will be feeling better soon and you can get out there and walk!!
Guess if worse comes to could always walk the mall! he he he