Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One class down, 14 to go. I just turned in my research project and finished up my Computer Literacy class. Today I start an Ethics clss that should prove to be interesting. Most days I'm feeling great. I've been going to see my amazing chiropractor Dr. H. I've been having a lot of low back pain if I stand too long. He says nothing is out of place and that it's just muscle spasms from carrying Easton around and probably from the growing belly from baby number two. Wondering why you haven't seen a picture of that baby belly? I try to stay as far away from cameras these days as I can. Sorry to those of you who are anxiously awaiting that picture. Some day I'm sure I'll let Jason take one or two and if they're decent they may end up here but seriously? I'm NOT a fan of showing off my belly, pregnant or otherwise. :)

Easton's keeping me busy these days. He's walking a few steps at a time but mostly prefers to crawl because it gets him where he's going faster than that scary old walking stuff does. He's talking up a storm. Mostly he just jabbers away but he's learning more recognizable words every day. His favorite thing to do is look out the dining room window. It's just the perfect height for him to see out of without standing on anything. He'll stand there for a long time just looking out at the world and jabbering away. It's pretty cute.

Baby 2 is very active. Kicking and moving a LOT more than Easton ever did. I'm tired a lot of the time. I mean REALLY tired!!! Sometimes I take 2 little naps or one very long nap while Easton sleeps. I'm taking that extra sleep wherever I can get it these days because when the new little one comes along, there will be much less time for that!

The weather is warming up a little. I'm sure winter weather will be back and just as ugly as before but I am truly enjoying the warmer days when they come along. I can't WAIT for spring! I am SO not a cold weather person at all! On Sunday it was nice outside so I got out and trimmed up our rose bushes and cut away all the dead plants in the front yard. It was nice to be out in the fresh air and get the front yard looking good but that's all I got done because I just can't do too much without getting worn out. And the bad thing about that? I was sitting down to do all that hard work! :) Just shows how out of shape I am and how easily I get tired now that I'm 6 months along. Wow! 6 months already? This baby will be here before we know it. Boy, we've got a lot of work to do to get ready before then! I'm tired just thinking about it. :)


Nicole said...

wow! your boy is smart!!!! im glad you are feeling better! cant wait till yall come next! talk to ya later!