Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy cow! You said three new words in one day yesterday! In the morning you said "yogurt" (gogo) , later in the day you said "sock" (soc) and when Daddy came home you cracked us up when you said "star". It came out more like TAR over and over but by golly you finally said it. Too cute! You have quite the vocabulary now. You say "nana" (for Nana and also banana), "bo" (which can mean book, bear, or ball), of course "mama" and "dada". You can tell us what a cow says (mmm), what a monkey says (ooh, ooh, hoo), what a snake says (ssss) and what a lion says (roar). I love at the end of every book when we close the book and you say "the end". You are so smart! It's just amazing to me when I think about all the new things you do. Where is my little baby? In some ways I kinda miss that sweet little snuggly boy but I am so excited to see who you are growing up to be. You are constantly in motion these days. It's a very special thing when I get to snuggle with you or when you let me rock you a few minutes and sing to you. Most of the time you just really don't want to be still enough for that but those rare times you decide you need some cuddle time with Mama are the highlight of my day.
I'm trying very hard to quit calling you my "baby" because you are growing up more every day.
I love you, my little man!
P.S. Thanks for being a good napper! Mama takes a nap when you do and these days I really need it!