Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th! Thought I'd do something special in honor of the day.
I found this idea on a blog I read and really liked it.
Here's my list:

13 things Motherhood has taught me

1. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of your baby calling you mama.
2. It's inevitable...the only doctor's office appointment available will be during your child's nap time.
3. People really are basically nice. I've had more doors opened for me while pushing Easton's stroller than I ever imagined.
4. Old historic homes do not make good doctor's office buildings. Try getting a stroller up a flight of stairs.
5. No matter how many times you sweep the floor, you will still step on at least one Cheerio or goldfish cracker every time you walk through the kitchen.
6. Real live goldfish can go an extremely long time without being fed. (SORRY Mr. Fish! Won't happen again!)
7. No matter how many times a day your child says a new word, it's guaranteed they'll quit the minute you pick up the phone to show off to their grandparents.
8. A fifteen month old can eat more food in one sitting than you would have ever thought possible. Sometimes even more food than YOU can eat!
9. Something as simple as a favorite food (a banana) can make your kids so happy they giggle.
10. The dirtiest diapers ALWAYS happen away from home.
11. Since having E, I now know where almost every single baby-friendly restroom is in Winchester, VA and which places to avoid at all costs. GROSS!
12. It is possible to change a squirmy baby's dirty diaper on your lap. Possible but not always pretty.
13. Even when you're completely worn out, all it takes is one smile or sweet gesture from your child and suddenly you're not quite as tired as before.


mandy said...

These are so true. You may learn this as time goes by too: when it is way too quiet, they are doing something they shouldn't:)