Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow! What a busy week! Monday, Easton had a follow up for his flu shot and he did great! Didn't even flinch or make a peep! What a tough guy! Then we went to the library and checked out lots of books...2 for me and about 10 for Easton!
Tuesday, we took my friend Katy's mom to run some errands and have some tests at the hospital.
Wednesday, we had a free day and stayed home in our pajamas all day. It was wonderful!
Thursday, we picked up Katy's mom again for more errands and took her back to the hospital for more tests.
Today, I had a doctor's appointment. Easton went along of course. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time today. It is always amazing to see or hear a baby before you actually get to meet them in real life. Easton was great all through the appt. I think he was wondering what in the world that doctor was doing with that weird, noisy thing on mama's belly. I was only a little surprised to see that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment a month ago. My belly is certainly bigger than a month ago so I was guessing I'd have gained some weight in the past few weeks. I guess all the throwing up will do that to you. Speaking of throwing up, yes it is still going on. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm just gonna be sick every single morning before I can get on with my day. Hopefully it doesn't last too much longer, but at least it's finally tolerable most of the day.
After the doctor today, we went to Walmart and picked up some Christmas presents from Jason's mom. (Easton's Nanny) Next, it was off to Sears to pick up Easton's Christmas pictures and get a gift for Jason's gift exchange at work. By the time we got home it was time for a late lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup and a nap for both of us. I'm really taking advantage of Easton's naptimes these days. He's a pretty good napper most days so that means a well-rested mama. :)
I'm trying to finish up the last week of my Sociology class. I've just got to write a paper by Monday and I'm done. Speaking of class, I was able to talk to my advisor and get my major changed to something much more interesting...early childhood education. Now WHY didn't my original advisor put me in that program in the first place? That's what I told him I wanted to major in but he told me the way to go was Social Science. I guess he thought I'd find a job more readily by having such a less specialized degree. But Social Science bored me to tears and I couldn't imagine spending the next 18 months studying classes much like my current one that is so terrible. YUCK! No thank you! So I switched my major and now I have to get my transcripts reevaluated and see how my classes will apply to the Early Childhood Ed track. And they also have something called SmartTrack which allows me to get credits toward both my bachelor's and master's degrees in the same classes. That would be great! Maybe one day I'll finally have my degree after all these years.
Right now Easton is in bed and Jason and I are watching the Chronicles of Narnia and lounging around in our pajamas, looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend ahead. I just felt the baby move for the first time today. Seems like he/she's gonna be more active in the evenings just like big brother Easton was.
P.S. Easton can now say WOW! Too cute! He can also say what sounds like Nana or Nanny but not always on demand.


NeilFaulk said...

I am glad you are at least feeling better during most of the day. I can't believe you are already 16 1/2 weeks! It seems like you were just here with Easton! I am sure that all the sickness and exhaustion makes it more like an eternity to you! Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!!

P.S. Did you get our gingerbread man?

Jen said...

Hey sweetie pie! You felt the baby move? Wow! That is one of my favorite memories from being pregnant!
I'm so glad to hear you got your major changed to something you'll be more interested in. I can only imagine it's hard enough to study and take tests while being a mom and being preganant..but then on top of that--to have something you're not even interested in. Gah!
Well, we are off to our little hometown this morning to have "Christmas" with Matt's family. I guess I better get off the computer and get stuff packed. We have less than an hour till "take off". Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are able to get out a little bit now. Sorry you're still pukey.
I admire your determination to get a degree. That's hard work, but you can do it.
Kiss the baby and hubby and have a Merry Christmas.
Miss You!