Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How are you feeling? The million dollar question these days. It depends on when you ask me. I still start (and usually end) almost every day throwing up. But thankfully the majority of the day I'm almost back to my normal self. I'm trying very hard to start eating better. For the longest time I could only eat starchy stuff like pasta or cheesy things like mac and cheese or quesadillas. I consider it a major victory if I manage to get in any vegetables or actual meat during the day. And yes, I feel incredibly guilty about eating junky foods but when you've been vomiting all day every day for months, you just count yourself lucky to be able to keep your food down at all.
Seriously people, I did not intend for this blog to be all about throwing up. Sorry. But so many people have asked lately and I just thought I'd let you know. Yep. Still happening. But much less so than before. Hallelujah!
Now if I could just stand to actually consume some healthy foods, we'd be alright.
In other news, I'm taking Easton to Sears to have his pictures made tomorrow. We're way behind on getting his 1 year old pictures taken.
Other Easton-related news...he took a few steps on his own yesterday! He's still mostly cruising around holding onto everything but last night he actually took some steps by himself. He was pretty proud of himself and a little freaked out by it. He still has no teeth. 3 teeny, tiny white spots on the bottom where there will eventually be teeth but the actual teeth still haven't made their appearance.
And that's about it for Easton. Jason's working a lot right now getting ready for an audit at work and I'm still working on my Sociology class. I had hoped it would be more interesting than the last class I took but I am bored to tears. Thankfully I've only got two weeks left to go til I get a small break until Jan 6th. My next class is Computer Skills and during that class, I'm going to have a serious talk with my academic advisor and see about changing my major. If this Intro to Soc class is any indication of how the rest of my classes will go, I think I am not meant to be a Social Science major. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz! BOR-ing! We shall see.
I have my next regular checkup Dec. 19th and an ultrasound on Jan. 15th. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby cooperates on the 15th and we'll get to find out the sex of our little baby question mark. :)


okiesister said...

Dang it, I was hoping the pukiness had gone away.
You are such a trooper.
Thanks for the update, I hope it gets better.

Jen said...

Hey Sweetie!
Sorry you're still not back to better just yet...but you sure do have a good attitude about it all. At least at the end of it you get a beautiful baby as your reward! :o)
Love ya and miss you!
ps. I SO DO NOT mind reading about throw up. Anything you write, I wanna read!