Monday, December 22, 2008

A WHOLE DAY!!! A whole day without throwing up. Oh man, it's been nice not to start my day off with an in-depth look at the toilet. And I'm busy working on the LAST assignment for this awful sociology class I'm in. If I can just get through today without the evening queasies I normally get about 8:30, then I will be pretty happy. And if I can get the paper done, I'll be even happier. But I thought a 5 minute break and a blog about NOT puking would be a nice treat for us all.
Update: I got that paper done and submitted at 9:44 pm. Woohoo! FINALLY! Now it's off to take a hot bath and get my sleepy self to bed! And still no throwing up. Maybe just MAYBE this is the turning point. Oh happy day! (Keep your fingers crossed for me!)


Jen said...

Hooray for no puking!!! :o)
And double hooray for being done with your icky class!! Now you can breath a big sigh of relief and really enjoy your Christmas!
I hope tomorrow is just as wonderful! Love you!