Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I keep thinking I'll wait until I have time to upload my pics from Christmas before I write this post but it's not looking like that's gonna happen any time soon. :) Our Christmas was GREAT! We had our annual Christmas breakfast casserole with some spiced cider to start out our day. We look forward to this tradition every year and it was nice to be able to share this with E this year. Then we went into the living room and let Easton go after all the presents from Santa. He enjoyed opening his gifts but was a little overwhelmedwith all of the new things. He'd open a gift and then crawl off to play with something we've had for a while. Then he'd come back over and check out a new toy for a minute and then it was off to check out an old favorite. He did say "Wow!" a lot and "ho ho ho" which was pretty cute.

Santa brought him a Fisher Price kitchen/living room, some toy food, a baby doll (to help learn "be gentle to the baby" and get ready for our new arrival in June), and a big bag of 100 balls for our "ball pit" in the living room. Aunt Leslie and Uncle Terry and cousins sent a Handy Manny toolbox that sings "Let's Get To Work". That kinda freaked him out the first time he pushed the button and the tools started jumping up and down and singing but now he loves to crawl over to it, push the button and sit there and dance to the music. Nanny and Papa Kyle got him a MegaBlock Dump truck and a Bounce and Spin Zebra. He's still not quite sure what to make of that zebra but I'm pretty sure it will be a huge hit once he figures it out.

Easton got so much new stuff that we decided we needed to rearrange the living room to make more room. We boxed up all the Christmas decorations (WOW! Before Valentine's Day! lol) and pulled all the furniture out away from the walls so we could decide where we wanted everything. I looked over at Jason and said "Hey, wouldn't this be a great time to paint?" I thought he'd just look at me like I had lost my mind but he actually agreed. We both decided if we didn't take advantage of this chance to paint now, we probably wouldn't do it until WAY after baby number 2 comes along. So we loaded up into the car, went to Lowes and bought some paint and supplies. We painted the living room "Cake Batter" (a light cream/tan). 3 of our bedroom walls are painted this color and we love it so we decided to carry that color throughout the house. Our living room is almost done. We just have one wall left to do and then Jason will start on the hallway.

I'm really enjoying the new look and Easton is LOVING having more room to play. He actually has one whole corner of the living room as his play area. We cleaned up the swimming pool from this summer and brought it in the house. We filled it with balls and now it's his "ball pit". He LOVES it! He wears himself out climbing in, throwing the balls out, then climbing out and throwing them back in. I love having this corner of the living room as Easton's toy area because now at least everything has a place. Some people would say that the living room isn't the place for kids toys...they should be in their room or outside or stored away. But we spend most of our time in here so we like to have Easton playing where we are and he enjoys it too. So for now, our living room (or at least one corner) is taken over by toys. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


mandy said...

Zebulun and Sarah loved the bounce and spin zebra. My living room is a playroom:) It does get me stressed out sometimes to see toys everywhere, but their room is upstairs so they can't play in there. I just think of the Trace Adkins song, "You're Gonna Miss This" and I know I will miss all the toys I have to step over one day. There is nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls in my eyes. Zeb will be nice and sweet with Sarah's dolls, but he still is a rough and tumbler when it comes to everything else! I hope you and your family have a blessed and Happy New Year!

okiesister said...

Hey, you live your life according to what makes sense for you and your family. Of course you want Easton and his toys close by where you can keep an eye on him.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I can't believe you painted! How ambitious. I love it, you little Martha Stewart you.

Hope 2009 is full of joy and wellness for you and yours.
Love you!

Jen said...

My dad has reminded me ever since I was pregnant with Brooklyn, he says "Never forget--this is THEIR house too" meaning...the kids. It shouldn't be a museum whey they have to tippy-toe around. It's their safe place--their comfortable place. I have reminded myself of that many times as I browse through a pottery barn magazine and wish I could have a look like that in my house. Right now, I'm just happy to see carpet--let alone have a house that looks like it came from the pages of a magazine! I LOVE it that you brought in the plastic swimming pool and let him have a ball pit. That's SUPER cool! You know what I actually did for Brooklyn when she was about 2? I put down an old shower curtain in the middle of the living room floor. I put her plastic swimming pool on top of it and put a few buckets of warm water in it and stripped her down and let her swim in the middle of winter. she LOVED it! I mean--she was in HEAVEN! :o)
Let them be little--right? (still my alltime favorite song--that I can't listen to without crying!)
Love you girlie! Can't wait to see some new pics!
Show me that belly!!!!