Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We had a great 4th of July. We did pretty much what I thought we would do. We stayed home and watched the neighborhood fireworks from our deck. We made burgers and roasted potatoes for dinner and ate smores for dessert. It was a fun night. It was a nice night, so we had all the windows open. I think Easton must have known it was a special night because he didn't want to go to sleep. Normally, we would have just kept trying until he nodded off but since we were out there on the deck having fun we decided to make an exception just this once and let him watch a few minutes of fireworks. Sure enough after about 20 minutes he was rubbing his eyes and yawning so we put him back to bed and he went to sleep without another peep. He LOVED the fireworks! We were far enough away from them so that it wasn't loud but close enough to really see them well. It was a fun night.

Fast forward to yesterday. My birthday. It started out just like any other day. I went to run some errands and go to the library. While I was at the library looking for a certain book, I came across one called "It's my F#$*ing Birthday". I cracked up at the title but didn't check it out. After our errands, I came home and fed Easton and put him down for a nap and then read a few blogs and caught up on my emails. Thank you to everyone who called, emailed or a comment to say Happy Birthday!

When Jason came home from work, he brought dinner. Steamed Chesapeake Bay crabs! He also brought wine and a really yummy chocolate-peanut butter cake. We had a great dinner. Easton was taking a late nap while we ate, so it was a pretty relaxing, fun dinner. Just a note though...if you are easily grossed out or the least bit squeamish DON'T get whole crabs! I'd much rather just eat crab legs! At least that way you don't have to look at the whole crab and tear it apart piece by piece. Let me say though that they were delicious! Once I got over the yuck factor, dinner was REALLY good! And the cake was great! Who knew peanut butter flavored icing was so delicious? Then again, how could it not be...it's peanut butter!

After dinner, Jason and Easton brought me some gifts. I got a really sweet card that Jason and Easton both signed. Jason put Easton's hand on the pen when he signed his name. It is too cute! I also got 3 cds I've been wanting and some Amazing Grace perfume and body wash. It was a really nice night.

Tonight, I'm going over to my friend's to scrapbook. Easton's coming with me so I might not get too much scrapping done but it will be fun anyway. Jason's going out to dinner w/a vendor from work so we'll all be busy.

Oh yeah! And what did I decide to do for myself to celebrate turning the big 3-0? I enrolled in Ashford University's online bachelor's program. I start classes
July 15th and once I take that first class, then I'll find out how many of my credits from previous schools will transfer. It sounds like they're pretty liberal about transferring credits so I should be more than half way to my degree. Finally! And with an online school, I can do it anywhere so I won't be interrupted when/if we move again. Like I said recently, no moving plans that we know of but you never know.Hmmm...now if I could just get a new computer to do homework on. This one I'm on is constantly locking up despite everything we've done to clean it up. We'd better start saving for a new one.

Anyway, wish me luck! Going to school and doing homework again should be interesting with the little man around. But it feels good to finally be working (again) toward the degree I've wanted for so long. The actual degree from Ashford is a Bachelor's of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. Finally! And the good news is I think all those classes I did working toward my CDA will transfer and count as college credit. YAY!