Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Itchy, itchy
Scratchy, scratchy
Ooh I've got one down my back-y
Beat that big bad bug with the bug spray!

I'm sure there are more words to this silly little song I remember from grade school but that's all I know now. Mrs. Smith had a million funny little songs like this that I loved when I was in her music class. Boy, I'd love to have a copy of her songbook! That would come in so handy in my resource file for teaching!

Anyway, I digress. Why I posted that song is Jason and I are COVERED with mosquito bites! And when I say covered I mean they are EVERYWHERE! I think I counted 21 on myself last night. And one or two or even three or four I can totally handle. But 21 makes you feel like your whole body is one big itchy mosquito bite! I'm ok during the day but I wake myself up scratching. We've gone through almost an entire bottle of itch relief spray between the two of us. Thankfully Easton doesn't even have a single bite. We've been outside a lot lately and have no idea where all these bug bites came from but you can be sure we'll be carrying around the OFF! spray! YUCK!