Friday, July 11, 2008

Through searching the great tips over at, I found my way to Daiquiri's site. What I found there (besides a great tip about those Debbie Meyer's Green Bags) was a site full of goodness. One of my favorite finds there was her Seek the Lord Sunday posts, which I cannot wait to read the rest of! I spent quite a bit of time happily reading her previous posts and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. But when I got to one post, I knew I had to share about it on my blog. Go over and read Daiquiri's beautifully written and touching story about her very own loaves and fishes miracle. I was moved and blessed beyond words reading her post. It was a much needed reminder about just how good God is and how we should just stop stressing out over everything and just listen to Him. Thanks, Daiquiri for allowing me to blog about this and for sharing this story on your blog for us all to read. Beautiful!
Wish I had your way with words! My description of this story just does not do it justice!