Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So much to do! Where do I even start? I've decided to go through my many cookbooks and combine all of my cookbooks and recipes to make one cookbook with all our favorite recipes. I have all of these recipes and really only use a couple out of each of these books. (If you've given me any of these cookbooks...Thank you! But I've really got to consolidate!) Oh boy! This means I have to flip through every magazine, cookbook, or cut out recipe I've saved. And I have a TON!
There's these:

And these:

And also these:

Normally, they're all hidden out of sight under my baker's rack until I need a recipe. Then I have to try to remember which book it's in, shuffle through all of these until I find that book, flip through the pages until I find it and then I can make the recipe. That takes forever!

Plus, THIS is my to-do pile. The plastic container is where I put coupons to file, stuff to put in file cabinet, wedding announcements I've saved to remind me to buy wedding gifts, a magazine with an article I wanted to save. Just a bunch of miscelaneous stuff that I need to do.

Like I said, where do I start? I guess I'll just try to do 1 or 2 maybe even 3 small things a day until I'm done. At that rate though, I just might be done by Christmas. :) But boy, won't it be nice to have all my recipes in one big fat book?!

All of this to do plus laundry, dishes and getting my scrapbook stuff organized so I can finally go to my friend's and scrapbook. Whew! I'd better get busy!

***Update***Easton took a long nap so I was able to get through 20 (yes, TWENTY!) of my cookbooks and copy my favorites and put them into my "favorites" binder. YAY! That's a good start! Too bad I still have about 3 or 4 times that many recipes to look through! Now the question remains...what am I going to do with all those cookbooks after I've gotten all of my favorite recipes out of them? Any ideas???

Hmmm...I could give them away to people who comment on this blog. Leave me a comment if you want a free gently used cookbook.