Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am really getting into this coupon thing. I saved $72.33 by shopping at CVS today. Everything I bought was on sale or I had a coupon or CVS extra care bucks. I've been reading blogs like Money Saving Mom and The Centsible Sawyer and learning how these ladies shop at CVS and play the "CVS game". They spend relatively little there and make huge $$$ with extra bucks. I've been shopping at CVS for quite some time but usually let my extra bucks expire because I only went there very infrequently. Last month, I made a list and bought most of my stuff at CVS and with the sale prices combined with manufacturer's coupons, I actually made money shopping there. Well, ok not actual dollars but extra bucks that are redeemable for almost anything in the store. Now the hardcore CVSers just keep rolling those extra bucks over and buying more stuff each week but I like to use the extra bucks to buy milk or bread or treat myself to new makeup or Easton a toy or whatever when funds are low at the end of the month. It's like getting it for free! Today I went to two CVS stores and used up every single extra buck I had. But I found some majorly good deals! The first store I went to didn't have anything good on clearance really so I went to another CVS that I knew was pretty much almost always a jackpot for finding good stuff on clearance. And sure enough, I wasn't disappointed! Right when I walked in the door, I saw a cart full of stuff marked "Clearance! 90% off!" I dug around in the bottom of the cart and found some really pretty tinted lip balm that regularly retails for $7.99 on sale for $0.79! I stocked up and bought all they had. Here's what I got:

  • five new lip balm shades for less than $5!
  • some eye shadow on sale for $0.35
  • some L'Oreal Visable Lift makeup for $1.29
  • a Cookie Monster doll for Easton for $1.75

And that's just the stuff that was on clearance! All the other stuff ended up being on sale or I had coupons for. I also got

  • a remote controlled car on sale for $5.49
  • 2 bottles of nail polish that were $0.99 each which I had a coupon for that meant these were FREE
  • a box of Lipton green tea that was on sale for $0.69
  • Crayola fingerpaints for E for $5.49 (not on sale but with all the other steals I found, it didn't bother me too much.
  • a bar of Johnson's Buddies Soap for $0.99 but free after $1.00 off coupon
  • a gallon of milk
  • a loaf of bread
  • a newspaper
  • two CVS magazines full of coupons

All of this only cost me $3.71 out of pocket after extra bucks, sales and coupons.

Pretty nice, don't you think? Jason couldn't believe it. I told him he shouldn't complain about me shopping if I get all this stuff for so little money. He laughed and said "I guess you're right." What was that honey? Can ya say that again for me? :)