Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Berkeley County Sherrif's Department just left my house. Well, OK not the whole department. Just one officer. And no, this does not have anything to do with my previous post...more on that later.

Last night we must have left our car door unlocked and some creep (or kid out of school looking to get into trouble) decided to help themselves to all my cds in my car. I almost just chalked this one up to "well, that will teach you to leave the car unlocked" but then we noticed there was a checking deposit slip with our bank account number on it. Hopefully the jerk didn't think to take one of those and use the account number to do some shopping online. I can practically hear one of those Citibank commercials now.

Anyway, the officer came and took my statement. He seemed a little put out about having to come here just about some cds. Whatever dude. That's your job. Take my statement, don't give me a hard time about it. And have a nice day.

Sometimes the only CDs I have in my car are kid's music. Wouldn't it be kinda funny if the jerks stole the CD case full of The Wheels on the Bus, Raffi, 5 Little Monkeys and Reggae for Kids cds. That'd serve 'em right! And hopefully it would make them feel real awful to steal kid's music though if they're stealing it might not make them feel bad at all.

Update on the meds situaton: I started taking my meds again 2 nights ago. Poor Jason had to deal w/my crazy mood swings, instant tears about nothing AND my PMS at the same time. The man is a saint. Well, don't tell him I said that. It'll go straight to his head. :)