Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today you are 7 months old. You are really starting to show your personality these days and I love it! You are such a little comedian! You like to scrunch up your nose and make funny faces just because you know we think it's funny. You are now eating some big people food (mashed potatoes, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheerios) and you love it. You took a drink from a sippy cup all by yourself on Memorial Day but you'd much rather mom or dad hold it for you. It's easier that way and much less work.

We've been outside more and more since the weather is warming up and you like it but hate when we put sunscreen on you. I love to see you barefoot in your stroller just kicking your legs for the sheer fun of it. You've become pretty mobile these days. Not crawling yet though but scooting and rolling everywhere. There's no telling what crazy position we'll find you in when we go in to check on you at night. You wake yourself up with red marks on your head because you scoot yourself up against the bars of the crib. I put the bumper pad back on your crib thinking that would help a little but you just stick your head under the bumper pad and scoot up against the bars again. Silly boy! I love when I go in to pick you up from your crib and you smile at me and kick your feet. You kind of do this cute little wiggle that seems to say "Hi, mama! Good morning! I'm so glad to see you!"

I love your open-mouth, sloppy, wet kisses and your happy baby screeches. But hey, can you knock it off with the screaming in the library? And also at the grocery store when I'm deep in thought. If I'm not expecting it, that little shriek can really scare me! You love to hear the sound of your own voice and are always talking or screeching. It's pretty cute most of the time. Except at the library. I don't think the librarians appreciate it like mama does.

Father's Day is coming up and I can't wait to see Daddy's reaction to your gift for him. I love to see you with your Daddy. He is always so gentle and patient with you and I love listening to him as he explains things to you. When Daddy takes you out on the deck I hear him telling you all about airplanes that fly over our houseand pointing out birds and bugs and describing the noises you hear outside. You are my two favorite men and I am so blessed to be a part of this little family. You truly are a miracle and I love you very much, my little monkey!