Thursday, May 22, 2008

Never, ever, EVER run out of anti-depressants and try to deal with it until payday. The dumb thing is it's not like we didn't have the money for me to get it refilled but sometimes things are tight at the end of the month and I wish I could just refill my meds right after payday. Also, I relized I was out right at bedtime and forgot to tell J I needed the car the next day. So when I ran out accidentally and also decided to switch pharmacies at the same time...bad scene around the Crafty house. Yes, I know you're not supposed to just quit taking that kind of meds all of a sudden and yes, I promise never, EVER to let it happen again. One seemingly innocent comment from J and our nice evening was ruined. No, I won't go into detail but trust me when I say I will NEVER let that happen again! Didn't know I was on anti-depressants? Yes, yet another lovely pregnancy side effect. Along with monstrously huge strech marks and an extra 10 lbs. I love my little man more than life itself and chances are good that he will NOT be an only child but lordy I am a little nervous about having baby number two some day!