Friday, January 04, 2008

We saw Dr. B today and I really liked him. He was very professional and nice and even though he was obviously VERY busy (he was running late today so we had to wait until 15 minutes after our appt time to be seen. The nurse assured me that this was very unusual. Let's hope so!) he still took time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and not make me feel rushed. And the good news? Easton weighed 10lbs 14 oz! YAY! And the nurse did not have trouble weighing him at all. Could it be the digital scale? Or could it be that this lady actually has an idea of what she is doing? :) Either way, I am pleased. Easton did get his 2 month shots today and that was rough for both of us. He's running a slight fever now and fussing a lot. I gave him some Infant Tylenol and lots of extra attention today to hopefully make him feel better.

In other news, I've decided to start Weight Watchers again. I really had good results with it last time I did it. I don't think I'll go to the meetings though...that's just a little too like Alcoholics Anonymous for me. (Not that I've actually BEEN to an AA meeting, just guessing.) "Hi, my name is Amy and I need to lose 15-20 pouinds." But I need to go get the books first. The ones I have will work but they're from 2003. I'm sure the new ones have more stuff in them and the more info the better. I still have all my WW recipes and stuff from last time, so getting started should be pretty easy. It's the exercising part that will be tough. Wonder if it would be safe to wear Easton in the front pack while I'm on the treadmill? It would add some weight and help me lose quicker. Plus, the motion will rock him to sleep. :) Just kidding. Don't think that would be a wise idea. What if I tripped or something? That would be awful! But it was a good idea aside from the whole "putting your child in danger" part. Guess I'll just have to do it when he's napping. Which would mean I could only get on the treadmill 20 minutes at a time. But hey it's better than none at all!