Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions
(not really in order of importance...just as I think of them)
1. As I'm sure most of America says, my first one would be to lose weight. I'd really like to lose 15 lbs. I just wish it wasn't winter time. This one would be SO much easier if the weather was nice!
2. Keep the house looking neater. I'm sure this will get easier as Easton gets on more of a schedule. As it is right now, my house looks like a war zone.
3. Have more date nights with my hubby. Anybody volunteer to babysit?
4. Worry less.
5. Find a church we like and start going regularly. Make Grandma Nanny proud. :)
6. Pay off credit card debt. Not that we have THAT much, but it still would be nice to not have that hanging over our heads.
7. Buy Christmas presents thoughout the year so we do not have to use J's Christmas bonus to buy gifts. Every year we have to wait until bonus time to start buying. Not anymore! I want us to be able to use that bonus in a better way, so I'm going to buy gifts earlier so we can do something fun w/that bonus.
8. Eat healthier. Really goes hand in hand w/number 1 but we need to eat more fruits and veggies!
9. HAVE MORE FUN! Be more spontaneous. Act silly. (Do the chicken dance more often. It makes Easton laugh.)
10. Blog more.

I think that's about it. They should be pretty easy, don't you think?