Friday, January 04, 2008

Can't wait to start using my new books! I got the latest Weight Watchers cookbook. I have several WW cookbooks and their recipes are REALLY GOOD! I love their pizza sauce recipe and the dough is good also. Their marinated flank steak recipe is great too. I'm hoping this cookbook proves to be just as good or better than the ones I have. I also got Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade 3 cookbook. I don't have her cookbooks 1 and 2 but this one was on sale cheap and I love her show so I thought I'd try it. NO MORE COOKBOOKS! I think I have enough recipes to cook a new recipe 3 meals a day every day for a year and not make the same recipe twice. It's ridiculous. New Year's resolution number 11. No more buying cookbooks! (But if you want to give me one as a gift, I'd LOVE it!) The 3rd and final book I bought was Sandra Boynton's Rhinocerous Tap. If you aren't familiar with Sandra Boynton, you should be. She writes really funny kids books and music. Philadelphia Chickens is the name of one of her other CD/book combos and I usually walk around the house for days singing "Oh yes we're COWS. We're remarkable COWS. We can dance on our toes, we can sing through our nose, Oh yes we're COWS." It is so funny. You'd just have to hear it. Trust me on this one. Anyway, I thought Easton needed the 4th and final (?) Sandra Boynton book to add to his (MY) collection. I haven't received it in the mail yet, but I'll let you know if it's as good as all the others.