Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally taking a nap during the day! For the past two days, you fussed and fussed ALL DAY LONG because no matter how long you were in your crib, you just would not sleep. Today I decided to put you down at 11:30 no matter what but you beat me to it and fell asleep at 11:00 all by yourself. Thank goodness because mama really needs to get some stuff done around the house (like dishes and laundry and cleaning). You have started sleeping through the night (YAY!) and we couldn't be more happy about that except for the whole new no sleeping during the daytime thing. We'll continue to work on getting you on a more regular schedule but guess what? You're going to have a it or not. Sorry!
OK, enough of the mean mama stuff. Now on to the good part. You are getting so big! You turned 3 months old on Monday and you weigh about 13 pounds now. You are smiling and laughing more every day and are really starting to "talk" a lot. You now think peekaboo is pretty funny instead of just staring back at me like "lady, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?" You laugh and look like you'd just really love to play peekaboo right along with me if only you could.
Right now you are sleeping and even though I am enjoying having a mom-break with some time to myself, a little part of me is thinking OK, you've slept long enough. You can wake up now so we can play. I love you, my little sweetie boy!